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To what extent are religion and philosophy important elements in 'Hamlet?'

-- Loretta Dee (, January 12, 2005


religion does play an imortant part in Hamlet. When the ghost appears and tells Hamlet of his unnatural death, he says that he was murdered with "No reckoning made". This refers to the catholic religion.The ghost is saying that he was killed without confessing his sins and getting forgiveness.The ghost of King Hamlet was damned to hell because he was sent to give account to God with "all [his] imperfections on [his] head". If you want to check it out, this passage is in Act 1 scene 5 of Hamlet. There is another reference to religion that I know of if you're interested in knowing more.

-- Rachel Brent (, January 14, 2005.

Both of these permeate right through the whole play. For a start have a look in this forum at:

Hamlet/english history/blank verse/religion mythology (Tiffany Rooney, 2001-12-04) how big of a role is religion in Hamlet? (Tee Hamm, 2002-11-18) Hamlet use religion as a justification for his inaction (Brieanne Braggs, 2002-04-27)

and also any questions relating to Hamlet's 'delaying' of his revenge, and questions relating to his speeches or thinking (for philosophy).

On the bright side, at least you won't be stuck for something to write about.

-- catherine england (, January 14, 2005.

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