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A man came to my house whilst I am away working and served papers on my partner re a shortfall debt relating to a repossesion back in 1991. I have not heard anything from them since 1996/7 approx. Before I start to look into the matter, what do people suggest to be my best course of action. I have read with interst all the threads about the above companies, all of these are involved in my case. I have not seen the papers but they seem to have been stamped by the a court unsure where. Can anyone advise on my next step. Thank-you.

-- G Murphy (, January 12, 2005


It might well be statute barred - 6 years must have elapsed since default for CML members, and 12 years for those not CML. 1991 is 13 years ago - has the debt been acknowledged during that time and effectively restarted the clock for a non CML lender?

If they are court papers and they are indeed statute barred, then all you have to do is say so and they will be cancelled.

-- David J. Button (, January 13, 2005.

not so much an answer but need advise myself for a similar problem. please.

had a house in 1993.repossessed after my husband and i separated leaving myself with two small children and in the house.i had to go on benefits and the mortgage went deeper into debt and so the repossesstion took place.i have had periodic letters from different debt collection agents asking for contact with them but didnt do so.received a letter in oct 2004 asking me to contact ARUK ltd due to a debt. because of the time elapsed i didnt think it was to do with the mortgage and rang them because i was concerned.i told them i was on benefits and was in no way able to pay anything.will this debt be "spent" due to time elapsed .and how come my ex husband has managed to get away with no contact from them.i have lived in rented accomodation since this time and am now looking to buy a house.original mortgage was with citibank.have i brought this debt back to life by calling them?

-- lucianne clarricoates (, February 05, 2005.

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