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I know that CSX uses SG for the remaining section from Rockmart to Cedartown and along the old "EAST & WEST" branch that connects to Cartersville. Back when it was the SAL, was SG the letter designation from Atlanta-Birmingham then too or was it something else and was the Cartersville branch the same or did it have a different lettering also?

-- Jamie Prater (, January 11, 2005


To take Larry's response one additional letter to the right, it is my recollection that the second letter in each station number was the first letter of the pre-merger division name, for example, "G" for Georgia (SAL Georgia Division), "C" for Carolina (SAL Carolina Division), "W" for Western (ACL Western Division), etc.

-- Sherrod G. Patterson (, January 14, 2005.

The line was G when it was SAL. The S prefix was added at the time of the SCL merger; all former SAL lines had S prefixed to the former designation, and all ex-ACL lines had A prefixed to theirs.

Under SAL, the Cartersville branch was GC, and so is SGC now. Employee timetables and station lists are examples of railroad documents that usually have this information. The Society sells reprints for ACL and SCL station lists in our catalog, and line designations can be determined from them.

-- Larry Goolsby (, January 11, 2005.

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