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Has anyone tried the fully-gutted Casoli mufflers with a Power Commander on a EVO 3?

-- Kenny Nash (, January 11, 2005


I had a set of Casoli pipes fitted to my EVO 3 (plus PCIII) late last year and it was only after quite some deliberation that I finally chose not to fit the fully gutted system even though I had heard this system on Casoli's F5 bike that they had in the shop (UK). From purely an acoustic stand point I now regret mot fitting the fully gutted system because it sounds incredible. After quite a lot of discussions with the Casoli guys, who were very helpful, I decided against it simply because the fully gutted system would attract far too much attention from traffic cops (unless you are planning on using your bike solely for track days on unrestricted circuits). As far as smoothness and throttle response go I haven't tried dynoing my bike with fully gutted system and PCIII, however with the one stage of baffles left in and PCIII it has gained a little over 5HP at rear wheel and become much smoother and crisper throttle response.

-- Takis Markatos (, January 11, 2005.

Many thanks for your response! I have heard that the fully-gutted mufflers are extremely loud, but I have an extra set that I can always go back to for use on the street. I do some track days during the summer and I thought that it would be nice to have some extra sound down the straight. Around here, the Harley boys are super loud with a lot of them just running straight through pipes. I still haven't decided to do it just yet and will wait for some other responses. Once again, thank you for your help. Kenny

-- Kenny Nash (, January 11, 2005.

I had mine fully gutted also added the SPR header,PCIII,and custom dyno map. Much improved all through the rev range and better throttle response. It is very loud but an awesome viseral sound. Addicting actually! I live in Florida and everyone runs straight pipes on the Harleys and other bikes here so I have no problem with the authorities bothering me. I guess this would depend on where your location is if it caused problems. I have even had Harley guys say that bike sounds great.

-- Ron King (, January 11, 2005.

Excuse me for being a thicko,but what do you mean by "fully gutted" ?

-- Martin Gaudion (, January 12, 2005.

You open up the mufflers and tips and remove all baffles and other restrictions that would impede the flow of gases outwards.....just straight thru as the good lord intended!

-- Takis Markatos (, January 13, 2005.

Has anybody experience of both Casoli modified pipes and RG3's ?

Obviously the Casoli option is cheaper as they operate on an exchange basis,but are they any better than the RG3 pipes ?


-- Martin Gaudion (, January 25, 2005.

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