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Dear Users of ACL and SAL Railroads Historical Society Q&A Forum:

Due to multiple unsolicited commercial posts today, the Q&A Forum has been password protected. We regret having to take this action, but feel that we must to prevent recurrences in the short term.

The password is the same it was before it was removed.

We have investigated and notified the ISP host of the offending domain and asked the ISP to take action to prevent any future use of their services to violate our Terms of Use Policy.

We know that you have more important things to do than to respond to unwanted, likely misleading come-ons for "free" material. We certainly have more important things to do than delete these posts. We hope we can lift the password requirement soon, but we will wait until we can be reasonably sure the offending domain has been restrained.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. The Forum has been functioning very well without a password recently and many useful ideas have been exchanged.

Sincerely, Ron. Wright

-- Ron. Wright (, January 10, 2005


We received a response from the ISP of the people who spammed the Q&A Forum and the offending account supposedly has been suspended:


It is interesting that this link points to some guy's blog who has - you guessed it - a link to a site giving away free ipods!

Looks like there is an outfit that does multi-level marketing: tell enough "friends" and they claim you get free stuff. Guess desire for something for nothing can always be counted on to motivate people.

Follow the bread crumbs if you want to track down these wonderful members of the internet community.

I am cautiously dropping the password again, sorry in advance if we get more crud postings.

Thanks as always for your participation.


-- Ron. Wright (, January 11, 2005.

Ah, ha! Well, this is a shame, but it's for the same reason I did it before. Don't beat up on Ron. Too many bored folks out there.

abd Jacksonville.

-- Buck Dean (, January 11, 2005.

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