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Does anyone have any diagrams and or info on wiring an alarm into an MV F4, Cheers Bret Martin

-- Bret Martin (, January 08, 2005


WEll.. yes and no... Wife bought me the Gorrilla alarm for Christmas.. Keep in mind I used to install alarms and accessories for a living when I owned my own detailing biz....

I could find no place on the bike to install the alarm module. Not one single place..I sat and theorized for 2 days...Ran into almost the same situation when I installed my radar detector.

Gave up and installed the Gorrilla on my BMW. However, I have seen the Scorpio Alarm (yes.. the expensive one with the foofoo remote).. and it is small enough to install on the F4. The best place to mount? Just in front of the rear shock on that flat verticle panel. No room under the seat and too much heat in the rear section should you find a spot for it there..You might could take the front dash panels apart and hide one under there, but that's a bitch..

When, not if, I get ready to do an alarm.. it will be the Scorpio and it will be mounted to that flat area.. with hot and ground run directly to the battery with in-line fuse. East access to wiring under the seat as well...

-- Jerry (Pirate) Finley (, January 09, 2005.

I bought one of those Scorpio alarms. I haven't had the chance to install it yet as I haven't had the time to figure out the best location. Thanks Jerry for the advice - I'm going to look into that.


-- Rick Bertuzzi (, January 10, 2005.

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