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Where would one go to get an accurate value placed on railroad artifacts; many which are SAL, ACL and R&G material. These items are not normally seen in shows and are rather large advertising, and unusal items.

-- Tom Harris (tharris@gloryroad.net), January 07, 2005


Tom, If you are looking for values for insurance purposes you will have to find a appraiser that your company recognizes as far as resale value you will have to check out past auctions both on and off line for like items and decide on a price you are happy with and go from there. But remember a item is only worth what someone is willing to pay.

-- Gary Riccio (g.riccio@worldnet.att.net), January 08, 2005.

Suggest a search on eBay, the Internet auction site, under "railroadiana". Search either RR name or item description. Don't go by the opening price, but at what price the item closes, and if the item sells. This is probably the best indicator of an items worth and desirability. This is the largest railroadiana show on earth, and it's open everyday. Many more customers than any walk-in railroadiana show. Does any walk-in have actual cabooses on auction? eBay has.

-- Tom Underwood (tlu1650@attglobal.net), January 07, 2005.

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