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So i have modified my standard pipes by removing the tips and then doing some surgery into the baffle chamber.... Instead of some exhaust flowing backwards to meet noise standards all of the exhaust flows forwards now. Meaning all in one direction with no restrictions....The noise at idle is very awsome and deep,,,, and with the throttle open it is very deep, loud and meaningful.... It hasnt gone anywhere near the point of sounding like a GSXR with a Yoshi on it,,, more like the sound of two inline bikes riding side by side with Two Brothers systems on them... I took the tapered ends out of the tips and made some packed parallel inserts and fitted them back on.... Really sweet sound... No modifications to computer with an increase of 2rwhp...The computer seems to have remapped enough for the bike not too lean out too much..

-- Grant Paynter (, January 06, 2005


How did you take out the baffles in the silencer's??

-- BillyG (, January 07, 2005.

I did the same to my MV and it made no dif. at all...none. How did you get 2 more ponies? Did you dyno it? I didn't know the bike would remap itself. I have a RG3 chip that is going to go back in to see if I get any gains. I had it in once before I gutted the pipes and it ran so rich i couldnt stand it.

-- brian (, January 07, 2005.

A dyno before and after was definately called for... I was told the standard computer can remap to allow for slight changes,,, although this isnt a slight change it apears the computer has adjusted well... Did you also know that a late model Fireblade oil filter has the exact same part number from the original factory as the MV 1000 filter????....So the price for filters now... It just doesnt come with the antispin device...

-- Grant Paynter (, January 08, 2005.

Also the Kawasaki W650....but I don't like to mention it too often.

-- Mark M (, January 10, 2005.

Just a word of caution for those who are considering this type of exhaust modification while your bikes are in the warranty period, the modification may void your warranty if you want to make an engine related claim in the future.


-- James (, January 12, 2005.

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