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I'm a college grad with some business experience, and I'm looking to open a coffee shop combined with a retail shop in Austin TX. The problem is that I'm not really selling coffee...the coffee is just to attract the sort of customers I want and to generate a side income. I don't know a good cup of coffee from a bad one, and it would be great to have a partner to help me on this half of my business. Either an established coffee shop that would like an additional location, or perhaps a former coffee-shop employee who would know enough to be able to advise which equipment to buy and how to use it. I won't be opening it up until August, but I'm trying to get the business plan put together and can't complete it until I figure out what I'm doing about the coffee problem. Regards. Matthew

-- Matthew (, January 06, 2005


Matthew, I am in San Antonio and I would be happy to help you in your venture.

Please email me :

or call 210-535-9322

Thank You, W. Brian Webb

-- W. Brian Webb (, January 10, 2005.

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