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Hi,I know the basic difference between the EEPROM and EPROM but what I want to know is how they are used in elevator? What type of datas will be in EEPROM? If I remove the EEPROM from the board how the data is maintained there or ir will be lost? I heard that some company program the lift controller to run 100,0000 or some fixed round trips and shutdown and after that EEPROM/EPROM have to be taken to their software centre to reset.If that is the case how they are doing any idea?

-- Raja (, January 06, 2005


Eproms store information that will not be changed, for instance you might store the code that monitors door lock inputs.

Eeproms are used to store information that you might want to change, for instance the charachter that would be displayed on the car position indicator when the car is at the first floor etc.

If a company wanted to do what you are talking about, it would simply increment a series of memory locations on the eeprom with each run/day/month etc, and then have a routine that reads those locations occasionally until it reached the disired number.

You'd have a really hard time figuring out where the information you seek is hidden on an eeprom, unless you reverse engineered the entire system, and then tried to understand the software that runs the system. Probably not worth it.


-- Dan (, January 06, 2005.

Thaks Mr Dan, If i have a back up of EEprom and keep on changing new when the old eeprom hits the limit then how is it ok? or any other solution? then how to back up the eeprom?do u know any company making good eeprom programmer and copier?

-- Raja (, January 07, 2005.

Hi Raja

Anything possible to write in programming software apart from system clock also. you cant reset also it may result in locking the operation.

-- john (, January 07, 2005.

Mr Raja,

Do you have other lift with the same characteristcs of this one? If you have you can copy the EEPROM from this one and overwrite the other one. You can try too, check the company that produced the PCB and buy the man-machine interface.

-- William Guterres (, January 07, 2005.

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