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Does anyone have the Steering head angle for the F4 with the steering head in its stock setting. I want to get my frame checked and need the exact angle

Cheers Ed

-- Ed (, January 05, 2005


Ed, any good frame shop should be able to access that info. Don't quote me on it, but I beielve that it is 24.5 degrees. The exact frame reference measurments are done on the frame off of the bike and then it is checked in the chassis to make it within tollerance. The dealer workshop manual that covers it is part # 8A0092874. I don't know if they will allow you to purchase it. I had my frame checked at Mackey Welding. Tom did a great job and had no problem accessing the necessary info on it. I hope that this helps.

-- Cali-Kane (, January 07, 2005.

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