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I have just bought a set of RG3 pipes and matching MV RG3 chip. Is this just a case of bolt them on and off I go, or would the CO2 / throttle bodies also need adjusting ? or would a WCT chip or PCIII be a better option ? Prior to this I had an 02 MV fitted with Casoli pipes and copied MV RG3 chip, the bike did require further setting up to get the fuelling right, but that was with Casoli pipes not RG3. Any info would be much appreciated

-- (Evobloke@blueyonder.co.uk), January 04, 2005


I would expect at the least the co trimmer will need adjusting. The best solution is a Power Commander, does'nt matter which chip you have fitted then, BUT i would suggest before fitting a PC you get all the throttle bodies set and co set so you have a reference for the future

-- mike (miketilston@btinternet.com), January 06, 2005.

Mike, don't the chips also control other parameters that the PCIII can't modify? Therefore, by fitting a different chip would timing etc also be affected thereby producing a different result once PCIII has been fitted and bike dynoed?

-- Takis Markatos (loms-ltd@ntlworld.com), January 06, 2005.

I had installed the RG3 pipes & chip myself a few months ago. I adjusted the Co% until it felt right & was intending to get it adjusted by the dealer on the next service. The bike went ok, but didnt feel as responsive as it should be, especially at low RPM. I just got the bike back from my MV dealer yesterday after a 12k service, TPS & Co% adjustments were also done. It now feels great, I am really pleased with the adjustments. If you fit a WCT or PC, i believe you still need to set up the TPS & CO% correctly.

-- Fiorello Galluzzo (fiorello@iinet.net.au), January 20, 2005.

I just got my bike back from the shop. Had the RG3 Pipe and chip installed. Would have done it myself but they wouldn't warantee unless they installed. I asked about the CO and they didn't adjust it. Doesn't run well at low rpm. At idle is misses every few seconds. WOuld this be the CO?

-- D. Cooper (jdsrc@yahoo.com), January 21, 2005.

I have a 05 Ago 1000, only way is to install power comander with RG3 otherwise it will run like crap! this saturday Ferracci instolled my powercomander and he adjust Co2 173.58 Hp at the wheel it runs perfect i love it.

-- Agron Beselica (agronbeselica@hotmail.com), February 16, 2005.

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