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Dear all, I try to get in touch with the after-sales service, with the customer service MV in italy, to obtain more information concerning my SPR. After severals e-mails (more of 20!!!) and letters, it is the complete silence! Is there anybody at home?? I try to join the importer in France (SIMA) but it is the same result : nothing! This last person write me that I was "an inconvenience" for him (his e-mail is incredible!!) => it is not correct and intelligent. I am not very happy and I am disappointed to discover this seller attitude! It is not a good advertising for SIMA : they are not on the top!! If somebody knows an another adress....don't hesitate

Thanks in advance Arnaud (France)

-- (, January 03, 2005


Forget about SIMA, I don't know what is the reason behind but everything is about 10 to 30 % more expensive then in the contries around and the dealership is quite uninformed. Drop an e-mail with your question and I'll see whether I can help you. Regards, A.W.

-- A.W. (, January 28, 2005.

Thanks for your reply mvf4mille. In fact, I try to know the date of manufacture of my engine (serial number 309608). But the importer (SIMA in france) and the dealer don't want to answer me; they refuse to do the necessary : why? It is strange, no? SIMA & this dealer are for me incompetent, inefficient. I desapprove their attitudes. If you can help me..... Best regards Arnaud

-- (, January 28, 2005.

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