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I have recently bought an F4 1000, and maybe is because the engine is new, (700 km) Maybe because im very scared of falling down (thinking of the repair cost) or maybe because Im plain bad pilot. But today I went out with my mates for a spin, and could not keep up with them. It used to be fine. I use to drive a 750 Monster, actualy we all use to drive monster (except a CBR 600) and I was doing ok. But today I was the slowest in the twisties up in the mountain falling behind with the CBR. It felt heavy and torpid, the breaks felt soft after a wile... I was so very upset. Maybe is because I have to get use to the bike, but I really felt very disapointed. Has anyone have the same frustration? I resist to belive the Monster is a better bike in curvy roads. Still the bike is beautiful.

-- chano coronil (, January 02, 2005


U must be that throtle and let the ponies rip...heavy and torpid???no problem much do u want for a torpid F4 1000? Try to suffer a little less will u ?.

-- Rui C. Gomes (, January 02, 2005.

Actually I took the bike for a ride yesterday to bed in the motor some more as its new, and found that I had to slow down to a crawl on very tight hairpins. Considering the lane was only 2 meters wide on those turns. The approach and the exit to the corner was all wrong. Is this due to the MV having a large turning cyrcle? Also you worry when you cant see the exit due to the trees and the cliffs LOL.

You will get use to it. It has been 9 years since I have ridden a motorbike and then it was only a Honda 250. Now I jumped into a Mv 750 SR model and wow what a whole lot of fun that is.

-- BillyG (, January 03, 2005.

Hi, I think it's just a matter of getting used to the bike.I used to ride a ducati before I bought my Evo 3.First thing I noticed is that you have to be in the right gear when you take your corners. Secondly,the powerband on the Agusta is much higher on the rpm range (about 6,000-12,000rpm,where it is almost redline on the Monster. Thirdly,the brakes on the Agusta does not give u the kind of feel like how it is on the Ducatis but it does work very well. Fourth,personally I prefer using 70 series tyres for my F4 and it gives me a better feel handling wise,but be careful,the tyres will rub your lower radiator cover when you brake really hard while going downhill. Regards.

-- Iskandar Z (, January 03, 2005.

I was also worried about falling off and damaging my 750. But once you get used to it, the bike will out handle most bikes with confidence and it has all the power you could ever want.

Good luck with it

Scott K

-- Scott K (, January 03, 2005.

Yeah, I hear ya.... drop that bike once and your insurance company will drop you after they see the bill.

I've read the F4 1000 midrange bested the "Mighty R1". Take your time; there's this dreaded "6 month" statistic out there. You might not want to mess around with statistics. Open the trottle and heh.................................

-- Marc Delice (, January 03, 2005.

Stop riding with your mates until you feel comfortable on the bike and can represent MV Agusta to the fullest. I surprised people on my Ago when I get in there ass. You should not be in the back unless its by choice.

-- BIG L (, January 03, 2005.

Hey Chano, These things are very fast and will blow away the other bikes you mention given the skill level. Here is the thing with the F4 though ,standard suspension settings suck. You will not know the bike if you tweak the suspension especially the front end. If you dont know what you are doing get advice from someone that can do it properly (dont let that mate do it). There is very little cost involved and no parts. My biggest fear when buying my 1000 was that it would not handle like the Duc SPS (full Ohlins suspension)I was trading. After a play with the suspension I can honestly say it out performs the Duc (suprised me too).So get the suspension tuned ,keep the bike in its torque range and your mates will soon get sick of seeing those tail pipes dissapear in front of them. Brett

-- Brett (, January 03, 2005.

Just concentrate on youself and not your friends. You will get used to the MV and you will see that in time your friends would wish they have one!

-- Rik (, January 04, 2005.

I agree with Brett in that you should have your suspension set up done by someone who knows. The MV's handle differently then a Duc. Also throttle response is more sensitive. It takes some time to get used to that. The rest of it is in your head. Confidence on this bike only comes with experience. It is a lot easier to come off of an inline 4 cyl then a twin. Don't worry! Take a riding school if you can since the extra seat time will pay off! A good relationship takes time to build but pays off much better in the long run. Best Wishes and ride safe.

-- Cali-Kane (, January 04, 2005.

Dooooddd.. Relax... IMHO.. this is quasi-normal. FYI.. the first 1000 miles on my 03 F4 I thought I had made the biggest mistake of my life.. Compared to other bikes.. the F4 is VERY hard to get used to and I've been riding 30+ years.. For the first month, I was blowing lines, braking too hard, reacting too slowly, going SLOW..etc etc.. Unlike other bikes, as the F4 is so razor sharp, it seems to actually accentuate EVERY flaw the rider has.. If you are bad.. it will make you seem WORSE as the bike is PERFECT and it will NOT accept anything EXCEPT perfect control. Trust me and everyone else here.. the prob is you.. So join the club.

Took me about 1000-150 miles before I could do the bike justice. I had to become as good as the bike.. or as close as this mortal can get. Now I am spoiled rotten.. few can beat me in the twisties.. and I live for the track days where the MV can stut her stuff.. Remember.. you have purchased possibly the finest handling, fastest motorcycle ever created..

Hang in there.. practice... Take a few track days..

-- Jerry (Pirate) Finley (, January 13, 2005.

I'm so glad I found this board.

To go with your question. I came off of a Duc 748 when I got my MV1000. I thought the bike was extreamly fat, brakes were horrid, handled like nothing I had ever ridden, and not in a good way. I thought what the hell have I done. After a few times out I felt better about it. After 1000 miles I started to really like it. After 1600 miles I'm sure I made the right decision! I was riding with some friends a few weeks back on the twisties the only bike that could hang through the tight turns was a friend who races on an R6.

There are none, zilch, nada, zero chicken strips on these tires. My comfort level increases every day I'm on the bike. Trust me, you will get to love it!

-- D. Cooper (, January 18, 2005.

Jerry, You said that the F4 is "possibly the finest handling motorcycle ever created" but just above you Brett said that "standard suspension settings suck".

Now I've only briefly ridden a mate's F4 1000 but have made my mind up to get one as soon as I can sell the Brutale. Now surely the standard settings of the bike must be set up for the average rider-knowing those skinny Italians,probably a rider weighing about 10 1/2 stone or 150lbs ish !

So if you are considerably above/below this (I'm about 200lbs) then the suspension will need adjusting. Do MV not provide a range of settings for a range of rider weights ? This would be very useful for most of us-obviously one could individually set a bike up for different riding styles or for track work etc.

I personally wouldn't have the knowledge to fiddle with such a highly specialised bike,and there are no suspension experts where I live !

-- Martin Gaudion (, January 19, 2005.

Getting a 'base' setup for any suspension is something anyone should be able to do. The first thing is getting your static sag correct by adjusting your preload settings. Have a look at where you will find some help on this. Once you have sorted this out you can then start to adjust the dampers, starting with stock and then moving a step at a time in either direction. As long as you keep a note of where you are and only change one thing at a time you can make big improvements.

-- Mark M (, January 19, 2005.

Mark M,

thanks very much.Will have a peek at the mvowners site. Cheers

-- Martin Gaudion (, January 19, 2005.

Just had a look at the mvownersclub site. Yes,there was a posting on suspension settings for a standard 750 F4 posted 2 years ago. It was basically implying that the bike is setup quite soft and just listed a few adjustments to make the suspension firm.Nothing for the 1000 though. Not a lot going on there.

-- Martin Gaudion (, January 19, 2005.

Hi martin, In response to your question on suspension ,yes MV do supply a setting sheet with the bike.Make sure your dealer passes it on. At 96 kilo I found that I needed the suspension set quite firm or the front end would bottom out under heavy braking if I hit a bit of a pot hole or dip. After a few rides and a bit of adjustment it is much better.I still recomend you seeing a suspension specialist if you ever get the chance ,these guys really will help you get the most from the bike.

-- Brett (, January 24, 2005.

Brett. Thanks for the advice. I've ordered the F4 1000 today and should have it in about 6 weeks. I will certainly seek out the suspension sheet from dealer and get to a suspension expert asap after that. Cheers

-- Martin Gaudion (, January 25, 2005.

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