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Large open lakes with heavy pleasure boat traffic in the summer and lots of wind during the winter, slow moving rivers with same. Fishing and small family outings. Two rowers at times otherwise I'll be the only "motor". Hi thrust electric possible for ALL ALONE fishing. Sail not totally out of the question. Right now I just don't know how. Questions are: 1. Is this a suitable boat for these environments and activities? 2. Has anyone had experience with motoring this dory? Speed is not my top priority. Safety with the kids ( who arent really kids anymore ), is. Anyone with a gunning dory building or operating experience I am looking forward to hearing from especially. Thanks for yor answers. D Bronaugh

-- Billy Duane Bronaugh (, January 02, 2005


Hi, Brian Gage of has one. I've swiped some of photos of his boat and they are on my site.

He seems to have no trouble motoring his dory. Note however that the hull is not a planning hull, so a 2 hp motor should be fine. (50+lb thrust electric for river use...)

Dories are a bit tippy (low initial stability) but the boat handles well in open water and waves. High wind, is reef city. Your uses are similiar to mine and I like my boat. -Gary-

-- Gary Powell (, January 03, 2005.

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