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This is what I am supposed to do: Create a View which shows the title of all courses along with how many students are taking the course.

There are 11 tables in this database. The tables I believe I need are: COURSE REGISTRATION CourseId (PK) StudentId (comp. PK) RegStatus Title CsId (Comp. PK) Credits Midterm PreReq Final

STUDENT StudentId (PK) Last First Street City State Zip StartTerm BirthDate FacultyId MajorId Phone

CRSSECTION CsId (PK) CourseId Section TermId FacultyId Day StartTime EndTime RoomId MaxCount

As you can see there is no connection from the STUDENT table to the COURSE table. The connections that I have come up with are: STUDENTS TO REGISTRATION (StudentId) COURSE TO CRSSECTION (CourseId) CRSSECTION TO REGISTRATION (CsId)

I am at a loss. I know it is probably something simple but can't seem to figure it out. Please help. Thanks.

-- Lisa Mae Schneider (, January 01, 2005

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