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I'm am doing the RCM Grade 2 rudiments this year to finish my leval 8 requirements, BUt I do not know what to study to pass the test. Are there any lists out there that tell me? Twittlebug

-- Twittle Bug (, December 31, 2004


You could check out the theory syllabus. But what you really need is a teacher. There are some pointers on notation that a teacher must add to what's in the texts; as well some text books are better for certain students than others. For example, there's Barbara Wharram, Barbara Mackin, and Mark Sarnecki who have all written for this grade. Some points require training in critical thinking such as finding out all the keys a given chord could be in. The teacher also marks your practice exams for about four weeks prior to the test. And passing your test is only a minimum aspiration. Why not learn where all this leads? Finally a good teacher keeps up with any tricky aspects such as diminished and augmented unison intervals. Get a teacher.

-- Anita (, January 04, 2005.

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