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My name is Geir Helfjord 39 years of age and just got notified that i have avn stage 2. I wonder how long it will take for stage 3 to show up? I am taking naproxen sodium and it works really good, can actually walk normally, how long should I take this, and should I take smaller and smaller doses and see if it helps the recovery? I am also a pilot, can not work when the pain gets to bad.The dr. did not tell me how many %of my femoral head is involved, looks like the less % the more chances for full recovery? My pain is only in the right hip, but MRI showed up in both hips. My pain started with a small groin pain wich i thought was just for running 12 15 mi a week, is there any chance this could be something else? Thank you for your time

-- Geir Helfjord (, December 31, 2004

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