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OK, I have had this problem before, and an SP upgrade fixed it. But this is not working anymore.

MS SQL 7.0.839 (Old but we still use it) On 3 out of 4 machines - all with Servers on them, at the same version - can all backup or restore a DB from Mapped drives.

My Current system, (XP) is not allowing this. When I attempt to restore a DB from a Device - all I can get for Device is the Local C drive. I know I can get around this by using UNC but when I know that it works the other way it is very annoying.

Can anyone tell me what is up? All running the same MSSQL version, The other OS are all W2K Server. Can XP not handle this?

-- Anonymous, December 30, 2004



Yes, this is a known issue/feature of XP. The documented method is to use the UNC.

Hope this reduces your worry,


-- Anonymous, January 03, 2005

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