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+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Appreciate any comments on the following. For those who are not in S scale, NASG is the "National Association of S Gaugers" - the S scale association - and "American Models" is an S Scale motive power and rolling stock manufacturers

This week, the December '04 editions of two magazines arrived: "NASG Dispatch" and "Mainline Modeler". On the backpage of the Dispatch was an ad for the American Models Pacific engines, including a NYC streamlined version, at a very reasonable price of $199.95 (side note: that really is a bargain, considering that HO engines are approaching/exceeding it in price and you get so much more for your money in S). On p. 54 of MM was an article on the Southern Railroad's PS-4 Pacifics with pictures - on pp. 56 and 58 - of a streamlined version of which I'd been previously unaware. Appreciate any comments on following: 1) Further information on the SRR streamlined version itself: 2) name of the Yahoo group for the SRR 3) thoughts on converting the AM NYC streamlined version to a SRR version. Regards. Paul Schilling +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

-- Paul Schiling (, December 28, 2004



Southern did, in fact, have one fully streamlined PS4 - #1380. I'm shooting from the hip here - don't have any info handy, but as I recall, the 1380 was streamlined in 1941 for use on "The Tennessean" which was a joint operation between Southern and N&W. This engine made it into Atlanta at least twice in the late 1940s which allowed our local railfans to photograph it in color and B&W. It was retired in the early 1950s along with all of the PS4s. Interesting legend: according to the old SR guys, five or six PS4s were saved and donated to major cities on the SR system to be preserved as displays. All of the city officials in the various towns began belly-aching about the upkeep and liability of these huge locomotives. The streamlined 1380 was among the offerings. Due to the less-than-enthusiastic response from the towns involved, W. D. Brosnan resended the offer and ordered all the engines to the scrap heap. One city (I think it was Spencer, NC) reminded Brosnan that they alone had said "Thank you" instead of complaining, so they got to keep their #1401. It is the sole survivor, now in the Smithsonian. Also, legend has it that Brosnan ordered all steam engine records to be collected and stored in a particular boxcar which was later burned to the ground. I really don't know the validity of these legends, but they were told by many of the old SR veterans now departed. As for the Yahoo groups, there are two that would be very helpful - and - the first is more prototype oriented, and the second more model oriented, but both are a vast warehouse of knowledge, thanks to the membership of each.

-- Tom Alderman (, January 01, 2005.

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