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Hi I'm an American with a Chinese wife currently living in California. We are considering moving to Beijing, her home town, to open an American Style Coffee House. I think it would be a hit, She has doubts that Chinese would accept it. With China literally exploding economicaly, I think the time is right to start a business there.

What do you guys think? Denis

-- Denis (, December 28, 2004


Dear sir,

We represent a major Canadian manufacturer of coffee who also runs a major coffee distribution operation in the US and Europe.

During its 30 year history has advised more that 70 well known coffee & food establishments in the setting up, operation and managing of coffee shops.

The company in now focusing in promoting its business in Asia and especially China, therefore they are looking for entrepreneurs to cooperate in the fields of coffee supplies, byproducts and consulting in the establishment of coffee shops.

Let me know if the above is of interest to you.

Themis Kalapotharakos

-- themis kalapotharakos (, January 04, 2005.

Dear Sir:

I offer two alternatives to you. Both will allow you to take advantage of Colombian coffee manufacturers, who have exported technology and opened coffee stores overseas.

I have not doubt that Chinese people will drink coffee soon.


-- Juan Carlos Parra (, January 11, 2005.

Dear Sir: I think that opening a coffee shop in China is a very good idea, because as you know coffee is an internationl beverage. The importance of the bussiness success is to be original and to offer a good coffee quality. Here in Ecuador-South America I run a cofee business so if you need advices or anything else you can write me to my e-mail adress. Karina

-- Karina Machado (, March 08, 2005.

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