F4 Front brake upgrade ?

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Has anyone out there tried to upgrade the front brakes on their F4 ? Either by changing the master cylinder or the calipers?

-- Nick (nickdickens@supanet.com), December 28, 2004


On our project MV, we've changed:

Brembo GP radial master cylinders: much better feel and control. More room for bar risers too if you move the reservoirs inboard.

Braketech AXIS rotors; Much better stopping power. The harder you squeeze tha harder it stops. About a pound lighter per rotor too...

Carbon Lorraine Pads: very good. No fade. ceramic coated backing helps a lot.

Brembo Radial Calipers: Very serious stopping power. Some what expensive to do because it requires different fork bottoms and brake lines. Well worth it though. It puts a big smile on your face...

-- martin (martin@motowheels.com), December 29, 2004.

I've got the Brake-Tech Axis rotors (ductile iron), and the Ferodo CP911 pads. Going to swap the master cylinder for a radial config., either Brembo or Nissin. Haven't ridden it with the new setup, but I've got the same rotors and pads on my Ducati and they're very good. Easiest and most noticeable improvement is going to be a radial master cylinder.


-- Tim (twsds@farmerstel.com), December 29, 2004.

Radial Master Cylinder !!! :)

Just that makes even the stock caliper/disk/pad setup feel and respond better with more feedback and control.


-- Scot Hennon (smhennon@alltell.net), December 30, 2004.

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