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posted 12-27-04 07:18 PM Well the date is set and next year we'll be taking our que from MV's SPR qoute and meeting up at Road America for 2 days of HIGH speed fun.

The date is August 9th and 10th with STT without a doubt sign up soon if you are even slightly interested because the RA dates sell out quickly. Also if you sign up now and have to cancel or change the date STT is real good about working things out if you give them enough for warning

All you local Midwest guys be sure to show up! Lets get a good turnout! I'll be getting in touch with MCC and Corse Superbikes the 2 local (good!!!)MV dealers and see if they'd be interest in helping out in some way.

All the non-locals....start your vacation planning you've got 8 months to work something out.

More details as the date gets closer

-- TP (, December 27, 2004


What about a national meet for the US MotoGP at Laguna Seca?

-- mod (, December 28, 2004.

Well the last 2 get togethers have been out west, so this time it's going to be held over on this side of the country. Also this thing started (though it's not limited to) as a few of us hooking up and doing trackdays, so the idea is get some tracktime in. Which is something that wouldn't happen at the MotoGP event at Laguna.

Road America obviously has the track aspect covered, additionally there are places to ride for those who would rather ride on the street. As well as the Corse SBK store (home of the HMC AMA team) for those who just would rather hang out.

Finally it has to be fair as possible for everyone. Like I stated before the last 2 were out west. That was a 33hr drive for me, so we all have to realize that we can't please everyone and have it in our own back yards. So the locations for our event will change each time (year)

But please don't let that stop you from organizing your own local events if you can't make ours. That is something we'd like to see. regional events followed up with annual "national" events. Unfortunately the perception is that the MV guys aren't into these types of things......

It's unfortunate but regardless of how many people turn out, we've had a blast the last two times we've done this and will again in 05

-- TP (, December 28, 2004.

It will be a blast for anyone who has not participated in the past, and of course those of us who have. You will get a chance to ride, see, learn and share stories with some of the MV psychos. We will also be doing some filming just for the fun of it. Any of you who do show up, it will be something to remember!

-- Cali-Kane (, December 30, 2004.


are you committed to the two days? If at least two of us show for a two day session great. What are your options for extracuricular days? A full day ride, before or after? Let's add that to the mix? The dates look clear and fit with my plans for track/trip time in 2005. I would like to include this. More, More, More...

FYI NESBA has posted their '05 schedule as well...

Is Road America a local to you? What about a two day at Barber? There are two or three on that schedule as well. That is THE track.

Which ever, this is exactly the sort of trip plan that lights my fire. From NC a days drive [1000 miles] is fine for a three day rip at track and road. I will even commit tools and gear [stands, wrenches, air, tape, EZ-UP, ENTHUSIASIUM, all we need...] to do anyones convertions, road to track/track to road. I cannot do tire changes but I could work a couple of swaps on extra wheel tire combos. So show at a location, with a road ready bike, and the track conversion is mine, both ways, road to track and back to road. It is just time off the bikes, if we work the schedule right. I will direct the preps for anyone [except Mr, "P"] myself. Arrival/departures you guys can make the call. FYI, I've done the convert at least a dozen time so it will be as good as I can get it. Heck I will even provide foam covers for lights and extra fasteners for the conversion.

This is potentially a ride of a lifetime folks. Come on!

Scot/NC I would L O V E to do a couple of track days with a full flight of MV's!

Pump this up boys! What will it take to get you there?



-- Scot Hennon (, December 30, 2004.

Glad you're excited about this Scot!! As far as myself I will be there for both days as Bling, Jack and myself will be the "hosts" if you will. RA is only an hour or 2 from all of us.

Right now it's pretty much set at RA. Barber will most likely get the nod for the next one (though I'd like to try and get to VIR, Carolina, and Jennings). As for activities well that is in the works.....but for now here is a bit of info:

a) anyone interested in coming and will be traveling travel light. We well have access to tools and the like to work on the bikes. additionally let us know and we can help out with the lodging. The key is planning arrival times.

b}I'm going to talk with Corse Superbikes as they are in the area and know the area so they might can help out with road rides for those who are interested.

c}I still have to speak with Jack and confirm he will be there, but I'm pretty much sure he will be here so that means we'll have some great photos (execept for the ones I take while Jack rides...not in his league). additionally if anyone has video cameras so we can get footage for Pete to do his thing.

d:)there is the off chance of doing a couple of trackdays during this week to make it worth while for those coming LONG distances. There is a trackday the weekend before (grattan) and after (new autobahn course) the RA event. So depending on schedules we might do a couple extra just to show that there is something to do in the midwest.

everything is still in the early planning stages so if you have ideas for sure make suggestions. for the sake of organizations most of the planning is going to take place over at and then when things get more final as of plans I'll post back on all the other MV forums. But the date of the RA event is solid. just everything else is forming

-- TP (, January 01, 2005.

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