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Hello Every body

We have a KLEEMAN ATLAS Machine Room Less Controller , Type- H32, There is only Manual Emergency resuce operation in the controller. Is there any possibility to incorparate Automatic Recuse operation during the Power failure mode by any technique.

The motor used for this elevator is 7Kw, RPM- 60 and the inverter is 11 KW Zetadyn2CF.

-- S.Sivakumar (, December 23, 2004


Call Emergenzamatic Italy. +00 39 091 89 35 011 or mail to

when giving all the details and drawing, they will help you with the suitable device. I have a long experience with them and the device is very good best of luck

-- (, January 05, 2005.

With a Zetadyn machine if you star the motor points with the power off and then release the brake (24V) the lift will move under control as it is a permanent magnet motor. Contact me if you need more info

-- John Horgan (, January 11, 2005.

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