Going back to boyfriends country and getting married, how long till papers can go through so we can come back to US

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I am an American born citizen and my boyfriend is from Paraguay. We want to go back to Paraguay around this time next year and get married. I wanted to know how long it will we will have to stay down there before the paperwork goes through and we can come back here beause he will have had an expired visa by then. Also, would the paperwork go through quicker if we got married in Connecticut first and then left? We don't want to have to be down there for too long because our jobs are up here. Also, if his visa is expired and he tries to leave the country by plane, will they find out and deport him? What if we drove to Canada and flew out from there? I hope that you can help us.

-- Lara Rutkowski (lararutkowski@hotmail.com), December 22, 2004


Once you leave the US and get married in Paraguay it could take many years for you to be able to come back. You have to hire and immigration lawyer and my suggestion is get married in the US wait for your papers and then leave to travel the world

-- AB (pugwilly@aol.com), January 06, 2005.

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