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Where was the SAL Orlando station? I know the ACL station was at Church St until 1926, when the new one was built a mile south. I think the SAL station was at Central Blvd, but where exactly? Was it where the Lynx bus terminal was until recently?

-- SPUI (, December 22, 2004


To expand to my answer, I have no idea what the junction at Orlando was like. My guess is that the line from Leesburg crossed the ACL to merge with the SAL from Oviedo, and both continued on the east side of the ACL to the old station.

-- SPUI (, December 25, 2004.

They paralleled, with the SAL east of the ACL. When the O&WP was built in 1886 or soon after, the distance between the centers of tracks was 32.5 feet. See also .

-- SPUI (, December 25, 2004.

I have another question. I know the Orlando & Winter Park Railroad was eventually absorbed into the Seaboard Air Line. I also know that there was a SAL branch line that went to Lake Charm from Orlando (don't get confused with the ACL's branch line to Lake Charm from Sanford). What's interesting is that the location where the branch line connects to the ACL main line is 1/4 of a mile north of the SAL's Wildwood branch from Wildwood. My question is if the two lines use to be one, then how did they connect?

-- Trainmaster611 (, December 25, 2004.

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