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I have a brand new F4 1000. Only 34 km in the clock. And there is a couple of thing bothering me. First of all the little explosions round the carb or air filter area, not just when cutting throttle but all the time, even when is warm. I have a Monster and it does that, but only when warming up. Does anyone know if that is normal? The second thing is the brakes. I know is too new, but it seems they doesent work very well specially when compared with the Monster. The third and last is the difficulty to find neutral. Is it because is brand new, or just because the selector is plain bad. Thanks to anyone who can give an answer.


-- chano (, December 22, 2004


Hi Chano, I have a F41000 AGO, I've found finding neutral is the same as my 750F1 Ducati, takes a little effort but something you get used to (or used to living with). You won't be able to locate neutral with the same ease as a Japanese bike.

Give your brakes time to bed in. 34 km ?? How about you give them time, I've found them fine, the front level has a fair amount of travel before it acts, however grabbing a handful when required has saved me thus far.

As for the explosion thing...take it back to where you purchased it, sounds like you have a bad batch of fuel in pre-delivery.

Best Regards, Martin. Sydney, Aust

-- Martin (, December 22, 2004.

I think you may find the little explosions are in fact the "EBS" brake system solenoid operating, this is situated next to number one inlet tract which is the left hand side

-- mike (, December 24, 2004.

The noises in from the engine are not normal! There are some fixes that your dealer should know how to correct. Mostly, it is just some fine tuning that needs minor attention. As Martin said, the brakes will be fine once you give them time to seat properly. Also, neutral will get a little easier both with run in and practice. It should not give you any difficulties before long.

-- Cali-Kane (, December 30, 2004.

Hi I have a 2005 1000 Ago and my bike does the same. According to Ferrracci they will develop a new chip for ecu with better fuel moping. I believe they were under a lot pressure to start selling the bikes so they did not spend time working on the software bugs. If you plan to put racing exhaust for time being don’t bother you going to have so much back fire like a machine gun… believe me you not going to like it. As far as brake concerning they will bed after approximately 100 – 200 mile and then you will love them. Agron

-- Agron (, January 02, 2005.

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