F4 SERIE ORO how much is afair price today

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the first 300 hand built* sandcast cases* 1.how much 0 miles? 2.low miles? any advertised &sold thanks Leif Australia

-- Leif Karlsson (1@bigfoot.com.au), December 21, 2004



As you point out they were only made in very small numbers, many of them going as gifts to the rich and famous. It is unlikly that more than half of the orriginal 300 will ever become available on the open market and that no more than a small handfull will be available in any given year. The point I'm edging towards: is each time one is baught/sold it will be a unique negotiation between the seller and the buyer. That is to say that if someone want's one they realy don't have many to choose from so it will be a case of tracking one down and persuading the current owner to part with it. On the other hand if you were trying to sell one you have the problem of finding that potential buyer, so in this scenario the price will be that much lower. They were 25K new, but I have no doubt that many different prices were paid depending on buyers contacts, so I guess negotiations would probably start somewhere arround that mark. I would say replacement insurance value would need to be somewhere in the 30/35K plus region. Plus a lot more if the previous owner is the right celeb. Lower numbers are probably also more desirable from a collecting point of view.

-- Mark M (m.magenis@btinternet.com), December 22, 2004.

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