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I am married to a Australian citizen who 2 1/2 years ago was married to different us citizen. She filed for a restraining order against him and he was arrested for breaching it. He was again arrested and told he was being held for INS. He was not convicted of any crime and we have proof that she filed a perjurious restraining order as we have hired a atty to take care of the criminal proceedings. We have all the evidence pertaining to this. I wish for my husband to be here in the states with me. How hard is this going to be as he over-stayed his visa by 4 months and was deported for 10 years. I have his whole story and how it happened. We are now filing papers against her for fraud. They were only married 1 month and she stole verything he had. Any help would be appreciated. I want my husband in the states with me. We have been told he has a case against the INS,the police where he was living at the time,his ex-wifes atty who filed the perjurious papers,etc Any answer at all would be greatly appreciated

Thanks Brenda Hoad

-- brenda hoad (, December 21, 2004

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