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Hi, I came in US on F-1 visa. Right now, I am on H1B; however, my employer is not paying me since they could not find any project for me. Couple of my friends telling me that I am alredy illegal. For that reason I can't change to other employer(since no paycheck, and my employer will not help me with anything, pretty sure). and I can't change to F1 for the same reason. My gf filed for citizenship last June, I guess she is going to be citizen around April/May. When she becomes citizen and she applies for me, will she has to apply for me as illegal(if i don't have no pay stub)? In that case, what is best for me, Leave US and wait till she become citizen or stay here(illegaly)? If I go back it will take very long to come back? Thanks for ur help.

-- Sam (tosumon2000@yahoo.com), December 21, 2004

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