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Does anyone know what size bolts hold the F4 front calipers on? They measure what looks like at 10mm x 25mm, but I tried 3 different 10mm bolts in my shop... none work..same thread pitch. Iím perplexed.. The only thing I can figure is that they are custom made bolts at around 9mm...Damn Italians!

In case you are wondering...I want to add a spool kit to the front fork area for a stand that I just bought... canít do it without adding a longer bolt...

Anyone shed a little light on this? A minuscule clue perhaps? A sliver of knowledge...

-- Jerry (Pirate) Finley (, December 17, 2004


Jerry, Just put a metric thread pitch gauge on the threads, mic the o.d. of the bolt, and quit guessing. It's a standard diameter . . . nothing special.

-- Kenny Nash (, December 20, 2004.

Jerry, The front caliper bolts are 10x1.25. They make 1.0, 1.25, 1.50 & 1.75 pitches. You probably just had some of the other pitches.

-- Cali-Kane (, December 30, 2004.

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