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anyone know who purchased these comnpanies?

-- norm swan (, December 17, 2004



-- (, December 17, 2004.

Hopefully someone who wanted to put them out of buisness. I used to think Mowery was the worst service company on earth then I got some Abel jobs and they made the Mowery jobs look great. I heard Mowery got bought out by Otis or a guy who worked for Otis, I believe Abel was down to 2 employees, the IUEC kinda took any and all talent they had.

-- george westinghouse (, December 17, 2004.

your info is wrong of course

-- (, December 17, 2004.

oracle elevator is buying mowrey and other florida company's

-- (, December 18, 2004.

Thanks for the responses.

>>>>>>>your info is wrong of course

>>>>>>>-- (, December 17, 2004.

Who is wrong? What is wrong?

More info if you please...

anyone know anything about oracle other than the company that made or makes a database program

-- norm swan (, December 21, 2004.

Does anyone care? Both companies were garbage in construction, garbage in service the best we can hope for is who ever bought them did it for a tax right off and hopefully plans on putting them out of buisness. Most of the non union shops here in Florida are crap anyways, General is the only one worth a damn and thats truth. I'd be proud to have General guys in our local instead of the morons we got from Mowery and Abell. Thats my take anyway. I've got unit's from all three companies and trust me Abell and Mowery could be in leagal trouble for calling the crap they do service. Abell (Blake Memorial and Bank One) great work, NOT!!, Mowery (Ringling School of Art, El Presidente and Crescent Arms) out standing, HAHAHA!!!!!

-- George Westinghouse (, December 21, 2004.

Amazing no reponses to my last post from MoweryR or Abellman, I guess the truth speaks volumes huh? Oh well, Merry Christmas.

-- George Westinghouse (, December 23, 2004.

Oracle is evidently Bill Millers company. Bill was the head of Otis until a while back.

There is talk that Oracle might be financed by UTC or Otis, and is buying non-union companies in an attempt to spin off a non-union sector, or bring the whole company non-union. This of course isn't verified, and could be way off base. There is evidently a lot of money to throw around though, and it makes you wonder.

I think is the website, although it has no content other than a simple index page.

-- Dan (, December 24, 2004.

your info is correct, but the group that bought these companies is jupiter partners, it appears to be an investment group from new york they are into a lot of other things also, i do not think it is otis but who knows?. now as far as Mr I want a longshaft - you have the blake acct etc.. i think that is funny hahahah have fun there and the former abell employees working for union, one was an appliance repairman. and the other is Mr "only fix it if it made enough noise" both will fit in and do well working with you. p.s maybe i will check out blake to see how things are running.

-- (, December 24, 2004.

Abell, While your at it check out all the HCA contracts. Oh yeah you can't we've got them. As I remember when we looked at Blake 5yrs. ago when Kone had it it was a palace then we took it from you ant it looked more like a garbage dump. Replaced any Miprom Drives lately? Ha too funny you guys suck... I guess it's good you were bought by a company thats not involved in elevators now you both have something in common. Oh and by the way I'm pretty sure the guys at Blake don't want ya back, seems they had too many problems when you did your lack of service or something.

-- George Westinghouse (, December 24, 2004.

I hope you have all the hca acct's, that would be great hohoho hahaha oh we drop them. we did not lose them. but who care's as long as you have them. hohoho hahaha

-- (, December 24, 2004.

Oh i almost forgot, To Mr I want a longshaft, merry christmas and thank you for laugh hohoho hahaha. hope to see you at your nearest hca soon.

-- (, December 24, 2004.

Well Well Well, I thought the object of this page was to help one another guys, not get involved in verbal abuse. After all, we all are trying to be good lift engineers and go home at the end of the day without any hassle- merry christmas from a snowy north east scotland

-- kvs (, December 24, 2004.

wasn't trying to get people started, just interested in the market.

Thank you all for your input and comments. I found it very informative.



-- norm swan (, December 28, 2004.

Are You guys for real please tell me that you immature people dont actualy work on equipment that can if not cared for by responsable and intelligent people could easly injure or kill innocent people

-- dT (, December 30, 2004.

Keep guessing guys!

-- dan redmond (, January 10, 2005.

That's right keep guessing,

-- The future (, January 10, 2005.

Jupiter group bought both these companies and has grouped them under one name Oracle (nothing to do with the software giant). Miller is running both of them right now out of Davie Florida in the old Mowery HQ. Now heres the kicker Abel and Mowery are you ready? just as I suspected look into to the Jupiter group see what happens when there investments aren't profitable, if you know a broker in your are ask him the history. IT'S CALLED TAX BREAK, WHEN YOU GO UNDER!!!! Oh yeah Mr. Strickland and Bruce said stay off the Property.

-- George Westingouse (, January 16, 2005.

Hay Able Sorry to hear about the problem you had . thank got no one was killed. Hope you held a safety class on replacing a packing so your other men will know they have to support the elevator before they pull the packing out. remember First thing support elevator..... then pull packing you will run into problems if you dont remember which one comes first. Again Thank god they was not killed. I Guess one good thing came out of it the Building got a new Floor for the elevator.

-- support elevator First (, February 15, 2005.

Gotta be Tommy or Tim, cause Terry don't use complete sentences. LOL. Oh Abel what he said makes sense I'm sure you don't sit and shit, that gets messy pull your boxers down before you sit. Hence block the car before you pull the packing.........................

-- George Westinhouse (, February 15, 2005.

i just heard something about a company named oracle elevator that may have an office here in indy. i also heard it was bill miller formerly from otis that has started it. i also heard they bought abell and mid america elevator co. my source also said there is several hundred million dollars back him. if you have any confirmation to this please let everyone know. God Bless,

-- jim clark (, March 02, 2005.

Not true and even if it were they'd have to hire tech.'s that could trouble shoot a blown fuse, or pick up a safety circuit with out calling tech. support.

-- lick me (, March 04, 2005.

yes there is alot of thing going on, some of the names you said are in it, and yes bill miller has a lot of cash to invest.

-- (, March 14, 2005.

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