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does anyone know where we can get a quality replacement unir for the old sheppard home lift units? also a suitable over speed governor? Gary Bright

-- gary bright (gary@ideallifts.com), December 17, 2004


Hi There, You should contact your local inclinator dealer, they make a great residential elevator for over 50 years, get the higher capacity unit with 3/8 ropes. They have broken rope safties instead of gov. I you just want the machine you might just but that from them also or go to your local bearing shop to buy a machine. Most amusment parks use the euro drive machine, or windsmith.

You can also just get what you have rebuilt because its easier on you to reinstall,you wont have to drag around a machine shop with you to fit and reinstall diffeant equipment. The real test is to find some repair shops that can hob ring gears and make worms if needed for a reasonable cost, if they can do that they can do the rest. there are many shops back east and in the north west.

-- Jim (www.elevator555@hotmail.com), December 18, 2004.

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