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folks, thinking of trading my KTM duke 2 for a brutale or a super duke, anybody any views? its just for tooling around with,taking the bird on the back, because no way am i going to stick a double seat on the senna! honest answers please, i know how much grief it is owning a MV, just wondered if the brutale looks as much fun without the hassel, can you get it in the blue/white/red?

happy holidays to all john k aberdeen senna 91

-- JOHN B KENNEDY (, December 16, 2004

Answers views , obvisouly the brutale has as much problems as the F4 models, looks like a superduke then!

-- JOHN B KENNEDY (, December 21, 2004.

Ill gve you a response John..

I have had a Brutale for nearly a year now. I have had zero grief with it. It gives me a huge amount of pleasure everytime I ride it. It looks and sounds gourgous, its looks are admired by even non bikers. My girl does'nt ride on the back much, but she loves to pillion down to the restraunts on the waterfront on a Sunday afternoon, park the lovely thing in a conspicuous place and sip some wine.

It has performance way beyond my capabilities (I have only really explored full throttle a few times recently) It uses a lot of fuel fr a bike, but I really couldnt care less, its not a significant cost in the scheme of things.

All that said though, If you prefer the looks and maybe the low down vee twin grunt of the KTM, then go for it.. Doesnt really matter to me what you ride, so long as you are out there loving motorcycling.

-- Ian Sylvester (, December 23, 2004.

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