Hoistway door interlocks-where to buy

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I have moved into a building with a freight lift up 10' to second floor but have no interlocks on the wooden doors(one left hand, one right hand). It is setup for 24v AC and I found what I need on the Waupaca elevator website. They refer me to local dealer who is not returning my calls. Where can I buy these interlocks or something similar which will work?

-- richard waters (industry@mindspring.com), December 15, 2004




-- norm swan (nswan@genelev.com), December 16, 2004.

Yes, GAL is your choice.

-- MTS (cronept@msn.com), December 16, 2004.

Try Courion Industries in St. Louis, they have a wide variety of locks for freight cars.

-- george westinghouse (longshaft@aol.com), December 16, 2004.

Send me an e-mail digital photo of the interlock, we supply most replacement units for Otis, Westinghouse, Armor, ECI, GAL, Waupaca, etc. 1.800.221.9553

-- patrick a. carrajat (lickem@cblconsult.com), December 18, 2004.

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