I mean: "SPR or F4-1000" (sorry for the typo)

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A local shop has had an SPR in the window for about 4 months now and I have been drooling all over it ever since. But I have been waiting for the 2005 F4-1000cc because I love the power. I am sure the shop would discount the SPR heavily. Should I make them an offer on the SPR, or should I go with the 1000cc?

-- rick (yzfrr11@yahoo.com), December 15, 2004


FYI 05 will be same as 04 so no need to hang arround.

-- Mark M (m.magenis@btinternet.com), December 16, 2004.

The cost probably won't be that much different. If you are power hungry you will probably want the 1000. Something to consider though, if you are in an area where it is hot part of the year, the 1000 has a converter next to your right leg under the seat and it will be "a little hot" when not moving fast. Either is an ecellent choice!

-- Cali-Kane (mvagusta@sbcglobal.net), December 16, 2004.

Yo! Get the SPR since it is limited already, more prestigious (maybe). The looks may as well be --- Will Smith of I, Robot fame! Wouldn't be that a treat if you get your name next to it. Cheers!

-- AJ (adiviso@hotmail.com), December 16, 2004.

Hi, If you want more photo about my SPR, don't hesitate. N219/300 The best of the best Arnaud

-- (agustamv2003@yahoo.com), January 03, 2005.

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