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I am selling two Little River Marine Cambridge rowing shells. One is red and the other white. They both include a tan canvas boat cover and composite oars. Was $2200. One is only $1700, the other $1500.

The red shell was used a couple of dozen times on a freshwater river, and the white has been used maybe three times, but I think only twice.

They are both in excellent condition, as are the hatchet oars. I have one PVC and canvas boat stand that is very useful that I will include. They were bought Christmas 2000. I love these shells dearly and am very sad to sell them.

You can see photos at

And Force 5 Sailboat for sale. Trailer, new paint, mahogony replaced with starboard. $1100. Go sailing with almost no effort!

-- Nat Osborn (, December 14, 2004


Which shell is asking $1700.00 (the other is obviously $1500.00)

-- (, December 15, 2004.

The red is $1700, and the white %1500. There is a cosmetic manufacturing flaw (deck warpage) on the aft deck that I've tried to show in a few of the photos.

-- Nat Osborn (, December 16, 2004.

OK -- I see the flaw. Is the deck just warped or is it delaminated (hollow sound when thumped)? Did the Factory deliver the boat in this condition (a second) or did it the flaw appear over time?

-- (, December 16, 2004.

To be honest, I really don't know. I'll thump it when I get a chance. I suppose the fact that I haven't given it much thought is an indication of the fact that it has no impact on the performance and has never seemed particularly important.

-- Nat Osborn (, December 16, 2004.

OK -- thanks.

-- (, December 16, 2004.

Are these boats still for sale?

Thanks James

-- James Lefler (, March 08, 2005.

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