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analysis of the marriage relationship which existed between Gertrude and Claudius

-- chelsey weber (, December 13, 2004


The only thing I know for sure is that Claudius did care for Gertrude. During the sword fight he warns her not to drink of the poisoned glass. The rest is up to interpretation. If you look at the various film versions, most of them depict Claudius and Gertrude as a ver loving couple. The thing you have to ask youself is wheter or not Gertrude was having an affair with Claudius while king Hamlet was alive. If you don't think that she was then that brings the frailty of her affections up for debate. If Gertrude truly loved King Hamlet, why would she marry Claudius so soon after King Hamlet's death? Either way there relationship was probably built on rocky ground.

-- Rachel Brent (, January 14, 2005.

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