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Rant/ During all these trials for Abu Ghraib (where yes, some mean things happened) and the lynching that is going on for some humiliating pictures.. I wonder what the media would say if a General denied them food. Recently there has been a string of bomb threats at my daughters school. (probably some pubescent pimpleface who forgot to do his homework) During these bomb threats, (I should mention the school is an American defense department operated school) the General of our post has said no child can eat, even if they hold the children until 6pm to assure clearance of the school unless they are diabetic. This disturbs me a great deal since my 12 year old daughter weighs 54 pounds and loses weight quite easily due to a high metabolism. He doesn't care he feels that giving them lunch while they are evacuated to the local movie theater is making it too easy on the "kids" who call in the threats. (mind you at that time they weren't sure WHO called them in) I wonder if a prisoner acted badly at abu ghraib and the general said ok no one eats today what the media would do and who would go to jail for that. But some stupid old coot with too much brass on his shoulders to stand straight up can deprive CHILDREN of food, no matter what fool thing one of them did. /rant

-- girlygirl (fake@e.mail), December 13, 2004


i know this person.. and her kids.. this is what I get.. someone is making bomb threats at the American School her kids go to in Germany. The Gen. says the kids cant eat until the threats stop. You are right, if we didnt feed the prisoners the media would have a fit.. so why not for American boys and girls forced to go to a Government School?

Tam, can you tell us as much detailed info on this General as you can.. name, number, unit, and such.

-- Dick Tator (, December 13, 2004.

ack in my ranting I wasn't clear. The kids are given lunch on a daily basis, UNLESS one of them is bad and calls a threat in then they don't eat. The general is using food as a punishment for the bad child(ren). I do not agree and I feel if I ever sent my kid to bed without dinner or something similar and CPS was called I'd lose my kids and spend some time in jail or on probation. Double standard for the government though. I don't feel comfortable giving out the details of the General, though I will say i'm happily living in Mannheim Germany at the post there. :)

-- girlygirl (fake@e.mail), December 13, 2004.

Stop whining, your daughter is not going to starve. I have a feeling the inmates at Abu Ghraib have to put up with a lot more than no din dins till 6pm. It sounds to me like it probably is one of the kids making the threats so you are left with a simple choice let your kids education go to shit or let her miss a couple of meals.

-- bromis (, December 14, 2004.

whats the prob? if some little shit is phoning in bomb hoaxes he/she should be imprisioned in a juvie center, fuck just starving them, i would beat the shit out of the little rat. Imagine the disruption and fear to everyones life that attend /work etc that shcool over some little cunt 'crying wolf'. Especially in this day and age of islamic terrorism aganist westerners.

-- fddffd (boit@gtiu.frtfiu), December 14, 2004.

Yeah, you are probably right.

-- girlygirl (, December 14, 2004.

It might be just me, but I thought that punishing the innocent was a police state tactic. Maybe if the police would do their job and catch the prankster, who may not even be a student, then we wouldnt have this happening. Forcing a child to go to a Government School and then not feeding them is wrong... maybe this will help some parents see.

-- Dick Tator (, December 14, 2004.

A military run school isn't a really "public" school, I'd doubt normal rules apply. If there was a medical reason for a kid to have food and they weren't fed, I'd bet the general will end up looking for work, or moving to Iraq. The parents if unhappy with Uncle Sam's largess in putting their kids to school in Germany can have them live with relatives in the U.S. and go to school there, or probably send them to a private or public school in Germany, I'd think, although that would likely cost them.

Bazooka Joe

-- 2 (1@3.4), December 14, 2004.

Maybe school vouchers for Military Kids overseas?

-- Dick Tator (, December 14, 2004.

My point in all of that was, the military is run by idiots, and I was just ranting off an example of why military people can't run a prison, they can't even take care of children. Who the hell does that General think he is. No, my kid wont starve but she does have a right to eat, I am paying for it through AAFES school lunch program 2.05 cents a meal. The General can't tell me my kid can't eat, last I checked she doesn't wear rank, nor do I. This was more of a venting of frustration(not whining) than looking for a solution I've been a military wife long enough to know you can't fight the government they are way too up in our kool-aid.

-- girlygirl (, December 15, 2004.

I suppose it doesn't help when you've got the Secretary of Defense telling our soldiers to "be happy with the army you have". God, what an asshole. I suppose it's ok as long as it's not his son getting shot at. What really offends me is how Republicans still have the balls to accuse people against the war of "not supporting our troops". Fuck you. I'm not the one that sent them to war without body armor. I'm not the one that's spending billions of dollars on a missile defense system (al Qaeda's ICBM's being so numerous and all) that doesn't even work while our soldiers are digging through garbage dumps for scrap metal to use as Humvee armor.

-- Anti-bush (, December 15, 2004.

Im Air Defence and I could tell you some scarey shit going on on the East Coast right now... stuff that would make you not want to fly. However... its classified and I would go to jail... ah, the torture of being an Anarchist in the Military.

-- Dick Tator (, December 15, 2004.

i guess it's good that i only fly local then huh... where are you stationed at now tator?

-- Steavo (, December 16, 2004.

http: //

-- CIA exposed (moreoftheTruth@t.last), December 18, 2004.

I've read John Stockwell's stuff. Pretty scary, the things that the CIA has done abroad. The kind of shit we bomb other countries for doing. He's the highest-ranking spook ever to go public. He testified before Congress about the CIA's secret wars, it's all on the public record, and yet so many people can simply ignore it and say "No, the United States would never do something like that." I encourage everyone to read up on Stockwell, and some of the other authors he mentions.

-- Anti-Bush (, December 18, 2004.

Our soldiers aren't digging through trash heaps for armour. So find another thing to gripe and whine about.

As for ICBMs...unless you didn't notice, North Korea, Iran, and China all have them and they're not our best friends. It's a hellava lot cheaper to do the R&D needed and install even a primitive defensive system than to rebuild Los Angeles or San Francisco after it gets nuked.

Tell me...what military did dipstick Clinton use in Somalia? The one he had or the very best money could buy? Hint, the one he had. (no actually, not even that. He had Les Aspen remove the Marines and their tanks and APCs, then sent in the Army Rangers so as to "de- escalate" the situation.. Then he changed his mind and had them go on their doomed day-light raid of the biggest war-lord in his own neighborhood. Blackhawk down is what he got. So who's fault? Clinton blamed the military and pulled out.)

What Army did he use in the Balkans? The one he had.

What Army did CARTER, KENNEDY, AND FDR use in the military actions they took? the one they had.

Rumsfeld says this obvious thing - completely true - and it's made into a controversy by dipsticks who don't know what the hell they're talking about, but keep talking.

-- Joe (, December 21, 2004.

Yeah Rumsfeld really cares about our soldiers...he just couldn't be bothered to sighn the condolence letters to their families after they got killed in a needless war.

Yes, Clinton did an abyssmal job. We've established that. Attacking Clinton won't undermine my arguments because I've made it abundantly clear that I think he was an awfull President. Get with the program buddy, I'm talking about the President we have.

-- Anti-Bush (, December 21, 2004.

Name the last Sec def who personally signed the letters from the DOD to all soldiers?

He meets with many families IN PERSON and meets the wounded in Walter Reed IN PERSON. but you are mad that he may (as yet unproven) use an autopen like EVERYONE ELSE IN WASHINGTON DC AND ACADEMIA???

Talk about grasping for straws!!!!!!!!!!! It's been proven that the Media blew a gasket and was factually wrong about a NG unit not having armour when they did... and now we're supposed to hate Rummy for doing - if it's true - what every other SECDEF has done, and indeed most every OTHER cabinent level and senator does?

I suppose visiting the troops in Iraq 8 times so far isn't sensitive enough for you? Meeting the families of the dead and visiting the wounded isn't sensitive enough?

No, he has to be absolutely perfect, clairvoyant and a miracle worker for anti-bush to be satisfied. A standard NOT demanded of anyone else.

Really kid, you gotta do your homework before attacking someone.

-- Joe (, December 29, 2004.

I simply wish that they would shorten the length of the deployments and in some cases stop sending troops all together. I understand that both Iraq and Afghanistan's governments are still young but they need to take care of there own countries now. Each deployed soldier sacrifices a year or more of their lives to these countries, then they are sent back in with atmost 10 months at home with their friends and families. Is it any wonder the divorce rate in the military is so high, not to mention the homicide/suicide rates.

-- Lonely (, March 01, 2005.

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