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I've been discussing with the AlRails group about a new name to replace the current name Columbus Yard here in Columbus,Ga..I found out tonight from a member of the group who's grandfather was a MOW employee for the CoG 1908-1959 that the Columbus Yard was once named Marshall Yard.Does anyone in this society have any info. on who Marshall was and why the name was dropped and changed to Columbus Yard?Any info. would be greatly appreciated in this matter.


Dan Bruner

-- Dan Bruner (, December 12, 2004



I have never heard the Central of Georgia's yard in Columbus, Georgia, referred to as "Marshall Yard." Did the person who told you this have any supporting documentation? Perhaps one of our members in the Columbus area has more information.

In Europe, the classification and switching of cars is sometimes called "marshalling." I have heard people (usually without a railroad background) refer to a freight yard as a "marshalling" yard. Perhaps this is what your contact was referring to.

Allen Tuten President Central of Georgia Railway Historical Society, Inc.

-- Allen Tuten (, December 12, 2004.

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