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Is there any standard vaccum flouresent display for the Elevator application. If so please give us the manufacturer details.

Regards SSK

-- S.Sivakumar (, December 12, 2004


YES! C.E. Electronics makes vacuum Florescent P. I. Displays. I have used them to replace the Montgomery Elevator Blue Vacuum Florescent P.I.'s.

-- Bob Clayton (, December 13, 2004.

Vaccum Flourescent Displays are old technology. A more economical solution would be to use LED display modules. These are available in different sizes and color, are user programmable and will accommodate a number of interface standards (eg BCD, GRAY, KONE VFD etc). Many companies offer these sort of solutions, in Australia we use Design-Com ( or ECD (

-- Rob (, December 14, 2004.

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