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I am a mech. in Los Angeles, where we are required to have state licenses under the new agreement. I am moving to Minneapolis in July of next year and talked to the BA there about some of the requirements. He said that they were required to get an electrical license. The way it was explained, the requirements are identical to that of the state license, but i was told its different. DOes anyone know if these are the same or if i have to take another test, or if the mechanics license is sufficient to be grandfathered in?

-- Jim B (, December 10, 2004


Your best bet is to try the website for the state you are going to work in. I've pretty much always been able to find the requirements there. They are probably regulated by either the Dept of Safety, or the Dept of Labor.

Failing that, I'd start making calls to the State.

Good Luck Dan Licenced in 4 states

-- Dan (, December 13, 2004.

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