PDA, anyone us them?

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any of our american colleuges use PDA ( especially otis)?. if so can you tell me if they have made your life easier ? harder? made no difference?... they are being introduced to our company here in the new year and instead of just the company line ( make paperwork obsolete etc...) i would like to know from the guys on the frontline as to what they are good for, bad for or whatever you feel about them ! thanks in advance.

-- paul (pielacey@hotmail.com), December 10, 2004


We have been using the PDA for over a year now for time , trouble shooting , and other type paper work . They work good depeanding on your programing of the units . Touble shooting is good on some types equipment that all ready use single screen layouts but for multy type screens it slows you down. But we use them as backups for the multy type jobs. I love it for time and paperwork cause it frees up my van and I can get rid of the filing cabnet we use to have to keep in each van .

Richard TKE

-- Richard (the4gals@knology.net), December 11, 2004.

We have been using PDA's for almost two years. Keeping our time on them and using them for troubleshooting some units. No problems, except for the bone heads who let the batteries go dead. I would not what to go back to paper.

-- carl (carlowens@gbronline.com), January 18, 2005.

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