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i have a dover t-3 ovh'd traction 5 stop. every couple of months i get a shutdown with the same DAR fault. what could be causing this, and how do i correct it. the entrapments are pissing the customer off. thank's ralph.

-- ralph bertolli (, December 09, 2004


check V+ to V- if its 22v or lower change it you can turn it up to 25-26 but it wont last long

-- mw (, December 10, 2004.

Error 23 DAR Tach Fault-This occurs when the dictated velocity from the CPU exceeds a speed clamp setting. When this fault occurs, the car speed will be further clamped to the speed set by the fault pot on the DAR card.

Possible problems: + Improper DAR adjustment (SL1-SL4, GL, AU pots)

+ Defective terminal slowdown input signal (SUn/SDn)

+ DAR tach fault sensitivity adjustment (F pot)

-- Doctor "D" (, December 10, 2004.

DAR fault

First, make sure your cooling fan in the bottom of the cage is working. That can really foul things up. Second, blow out your tach. If it's only happening once a month or so I would say your DAR settings are pretty good. Is it happening on accel or decel? Accel I would go over the brake circuit with a fine toothed comb.

-- (, January 06, 2005.

I agree with the previous guy. My money is on the tach. They get dirty and get off a bit. Check the brushes on same. This is also a prob with the old Swift units...

-- carl mcnail (, January 08, 2005.

I had numerous DAR faults on a federal job we had just taken on service. Elevator would shut down anywhere in a 15 landing building, except once. It shut down same spot 2 times in a row. Checked the interlocks and found 7 loose wires. Very loose. I wouldn't want to point fingers, but it cost us mucho dinero in parts replacements before we found this out. Same thing with the Megateks. Same thing with the Miconic A's. Newer equipment is a lot less forgiving, and sometimes the fault codes lie. I know this is simplistic, but it worked for me. Thanks.

-- Al Garcia (, January 11, 2005.

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