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Our condo has a 5 stop 17 year old, regularily maintained 6x6 Dover elevator. It is regularily maintained and not heavily used as many owners take the stairs.

What kind of major expense can we expect in addition to our extensive maintenance schedule in the next few years? We live in Seattle and also wonder if there are legally mandated maintenance / rebuild laws.

Thanks So Much:

-- Grace Olson (, December 09, 2004


If it is properly maintained it could last almost forever. As long as replacement parts are available you may be OK for the long run.

This does not take into account buried hydraulic cylinders and piping.

Is your elevator hydraulic or traction (cables) ?

-- Dan (, December 09, 2004.

To be honest, you don't want it to last forever, you want reliability. You press the button and the car answers the call. Contact Schindler, Thyssen or Kone in you area and get competitive bids on the same product. Don't go for a mom and pop shop because they may not be in buisness next week. As for pricing you could expect to pay between 25 to 35 grand depending on your local and on the amount of work involved.

-- George Westinghouse (, December 09, 2004.

what ever you do, do not get from the above companies or you will be paying for expensive parts forever

-- (, December 10, 2004.

And you have a box of bills dated "forever" to back that statement, right rdl? Be competitve (and competent), not jealous and misleading. If you know an independent that can provide a comparable product at a cheaper price, then just tell the lady who that is.

-- (, January 05, 2005.

that would be any company other then otis, thyseen, and the worst schindler.

-- (, January 05, 2005.

Thiesen(spelling) is our current maint. company. I understand they inherited Dover?

I also understand that some of you think using them is a big mistake? Is that Theisen in general or the Seattle branch specifically?

Our big problem is that we are required by law to put down an estimate of major expenses so our board can budget our dues. That means we need to write it down if we expect an elevator bill of over $5000 at one time(like a rebuild or somesuch). These are all guesses but you guys are gonna be the best guessers for my money. The long term budget problem looks something like the below and again these are big ticket items not regular Maint(under 5k or so) This estimate assumes we take your best advice on who and how we approach this maint:

Built in 1986 we are guessing we need...

new roof flat and slanted ... 2007 20k

painting cedar... 2009 15k

Dover 2100 all interior construction with easy access underneath .... 20?? ??k

Thanks Again for all the help....

-- Grace Olson (, January 06, 2005.

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