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My wife is pregnant and made me move out "temporarly" as the stress of our rowings was causing her upset. She said that once our baby is born at Xmas I can move back in and we can work things out. Now she says she doesn't want me back. She is the tenant and I am the occupier - my name is not on the rent book although it's on the electoral list and we pay dual council tax and I was paying half the household bills incuding rent. What are my rights? Do I have the right to move back in and carry on living there? Most of my stuff is still there and I've been crashing at her Mum's. Please help. Ben.

-- Ben Hardy (, December 07, 2004


You could go to your nearest CAB office (don;t phone as they don't usually have enough volunteers to answer phones) for advice ...and/or phone the Landlord/Housing Association or whoever the Tenancy is with. As you were liable to pay rent/council tax while living there I somehow think this will give you some rights. However if your wife states you left permanently (your word against hers and all that) then you may have difficulty getting back in to the house!!! You need proper legal advice but the aforementioned CAB etc could be your first point of contact to resolve matters.

Good luck!


-- Moira (, December 07, 2004.

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