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Has anyone put an alarm with gps to the bike? Any recomendations? Anithing else I can do to protect it?

Thanks for any tip.

Any other MV in Madrid? It would be nice to get together.


-- chano coronil (, December 06, 2004


I've fit a GPS system to my MV, it is an australian system that uses a standard mobile phone sim card. you can phone the bike to find out its coordinates and it uses caller id to turn the alarm on and off. It's very good, and i believe it works worldwide. I could organise one for you, any auto electrician can fit them, i think it was around $750US but gives you great piece of mind.


-- Craig Pickering (, December 08, 2004.


There was someone trying to sell an ORO in Madrid, don't know if he found a buyer.

Also I believe Juan Carlos was given one of the ORO's by Castiglioni, Perhaps you could drop by his place and see (maybee it was him selling).

-- Mark M (, December 09, 2004.


What make is your alarm?

- Tim

-- Tim White (, December 09, 2004.

No, no. My mistake. I allready have an MV. Im looking for people willing to go out for a ride.

Thanks for the tip in the alarm.


-- (, December 09, 2004.

hi craig ,im from australia myself(melbourne).just wanted to know where ican purchase this alarm.cheers

-- adrian salvo (, December 13, 2004.


I did mean you should go ask your King if he wants to go for a blast, you never know. I've managed to go out with both Phil Read and Agostini in the past.

-- Mark M (, December 16, 2004.

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