Disposition of CRR Office Car 100

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Does anyone know the fate of former Clinchfield Office Car 100? All the data I've found indicates she was built as ACL heavyweight coach #984; converted to ACL diner ORLANDO (2nd) in 1929; and sold to the CRR sometime around 1953-54 where she was converted to Clinchfield Office Car 100. Thanks.

-- Buddy Hill (palmettoLTD@hotmail.com), December 06, 2004


The car, last I heard, was on the Lancaster and Chester, parked near their shop. It is now in private hands, though I do not know who the owner is. (It should be noted that the car, while having been repainted, I believe, not that long ago, does not have lettering on it... the last I heard.)

You might want to try asking about it on the Carolina Rails list at Yahoo Groups. I know it has been talked about a fair amount in the past.

-- Jerry M. LaBoda (laboda@bellsouth.net), December 07, 2004.

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