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Looking for suppliers of green beans - My facility would allow for distribution of beans if initial costs were kept low enough - Loading Dock / Fork-Lift - Commercial Location.

However, I am primarily looking for suppliers of the 'basics' - Columbian sup., brazil 17/18, kenya aa, guat, yemeni, yirgacheff, Sumatra Mandheling - full line of decafs and every other bean I can get my little hands on.

-- Josh (josh@eptoe.com), December 06, 2004


are you interested in buying green coffee. could you please let me know what are your buying prices per kg for arabicas aa from kenya.

thanking you inadvance.

aebersold elizabeth

-- aebersold elizabeth (elizabeth.aebersold@hispeed.ch), December 13, 2004.

Josh, Where are you located? Are you in the United States? I import 100% Arabica beans from Cerrado, Araguari, Minas Gerais, Brazil. They are a specialty bean and are growing in demand. What quantities are you interested in? I can supply from 1 bag (132 lbs) to multiple container loads. Best regards, Leilani

-- Leilani Patel (leilani@ironbrew.com), December 13, 2004.

I can supply organic fair trade green beans from most major coffee regions. Let me know how much you need.


-- Terry (t-vanderpool@att.net), December 13, 2004.

I sell 2#, 5#, 10#, 25# - lots of many green beans - I'm on ebay and my ebay store is http://stores.ebay.com/Delaware-City-Coffee-Company

-- Chris (info@delawarecitycoffeecompany.com), December 18, 2004.

I represent premium Arabica Blue Mountain Jablum green beans from Jamaica. Please contact me if you are interested in our product.


-- Kirt Charter (kirtcharter@rogers.com), January 06, 2005.

I represent Colombian bean coffee suppliers. Please let me know who you are and where are located. Also, I would like to get requirements about the coffee you are looking for.

I live in New York City.


-- Juan Carlos Parra (jcparra@edenegocios.com), January 11, 2005.


I am based in Tennessee and can supply FWAA from Burundi (One of the best in East Africa). This arabica coffee has an excellent quality for a fair price. Please email me your needs.


-- Steve N (steve1302b@bigfoot.com), January 28, 2005.

Dear Sir. I have a small coffee distributorship operation in Grande Prairie Alberta. I was ondering if you might be interested in a blend that we are impoting. We can supply you with all the "CERTIFIED ORGANIC" paperwork. This coffee has been certified by SKAL international and is a medium roast washed arabica from TAKENGON, ACEH DARRUSALUM, NORTH SUMATRA, INDONESIA. If this is of any interest to you please repond with an e-mail and your phone number & address so that I may provide you with a sample. Thank you in advance for your time & consideration.

Dave Kirschman Phone 780 532-5573 or 780 518-1072 e-mail DAK@cablerocket.com

-- Dave Kirschman (DAK@cablerocket.com), February 19, 2005.

iam starting to import from guatemala and trying to find a buyer good prices. Have capacity for full containers . email me back and we can talk to see if we can help each other out.

-- luis castillo (sfgrowler@msn.com), February 22, 2005.

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