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i have a dover t-3 overhead traction 5 stops. every once in a while,the car shuts down and on the screen i get a DAR fault. any suggestions on what might cause this or what to check.this is a very intermittent problem, but at times it results in entrapments.

-- ralph bertolli (, December 05, 2004



What are the flt codes? Who and were do you work for.?

-- george (, December 09, 2004.

Error 23 DAR Tach Fault-This occurs when the dictated velocity from the CPU exceeds a speed clamp setting. When this fault occurs, the car speed will be further clamped to the speed set by the fault pot on the DAR card.

Possible problems: + Improper DAR adjustment (SL1-SL4, GL, AU pots)

+ Defective terminal slowdown input signal (SUn/SDn)

+ DAR tach fault sensitivity adjustment (F pot)

-- Doctor "D" (, December 10, 2004.

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